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   Time waits for no man...

Sitting here, with nothing to do, I've come to thinking about Time.  And it seems to me that there are certain "rules" that Time follows.  (But we probably shouldn't call them rules, because Time doesn't follow anyone's rules but its own...and I'm not even sure how consistent it is at that.)  So, here's some thoughts on the subject:

First, circa high school:

Seconds pass to minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, years to decades, decades to centuries, and centuries to millenia.  Time existed long before man named it time.  Time will exist long after man's name for it is forgotten.  Time is both a measurement and a force.

Ancient man knew that people grew old and died and that the seasons changed. He knew that when he rose in the morning there were certain things that he had to be accomplished and that somehow night fell again and those things weren't finished.  Something crawled in and filled the cracks in the day until it was night again.  Something made hair grow grew and children grow up.  Man felt that he needed a way to measure and understand this phenomenon.  He named it Time.

He invented systems of measuring time: by daylight, by candle, by water, by sand, until today, where we know by our quartz-accurate watches that there are sixty seconds in an hour.

But Time refuses to be held by such constraints. Every child knows that time flies when you're having fun, that there are never enough hours in the day, and that cookies always take longer to bake when you watch them.  Often what one thinks of as hours is only a matter of minutes.  Time refuses to be mastered and and rules the ones who would master it

Time existed long before before the "Dawn of Time" and will last long after it's end.  Despite all human efforts to delay it, Time marches on.

New thoughts, relevant to today:

    1.  If you have lots of time in which to do something, you will have nothing to do.

    2.  If you have lot of things to do, you will have little to no time in which to do it.