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Christmas break is a great time to catch up on things that need to be done.  Of course, somehow, most of it is usually wasted away watching useless television programs. 

Today my sister was watching some sort of documentary on A&E about beauty pageants, specifically the children's sort.  While watching it, I couldn't help but feeling nauceous.  Not because of the exploitation of these poor kids by their bitchy, demanding mothers, not because of the over-abundance of sequins, not because of the incredible amounts of hairspray that must have been used, but because they looked just plain silly.

Could anything be more pointless and irrelevant?

These poor kids, most of whom are younger than age 12, wear about 15 pounds of make-up and hairspray, dress up in silly, (not to mention ugly) sequined dresses, and perform silly dances.  (And, I do realize that they are not forced to do so, swear their mothers, some of them really enjoy it.  Or maybe they're just brainwashed).  Why?  So they can beat all out all of the other life-sized barbie dolls in order to win a crown or a trophy.

I really think many of their mothers could have saved a lot of time, money, and energy if they'd just bought dolls instead of having children.  It really seems like that's all they want.  Oh, and of course the glory.

The whole pageant really made me think of a dog show.  There were top categories in each of the age groups and the top, coveted prize was a "best of show" category.  At least dogs don't have to wear make-up.