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Don't think that the Easter Vigil was all bad.

Once we waded our way through the crowds and found the bronze door on the right of the square that we were told by our tickets to head to we were escorted by Swiss Guardsmen to the most amazing seats.  We sat up above the colonnade around St. Peter's square, looking down on the square.  We looked out between statues of saints to see the square covered in flowers and pilgrims, each beautiful in their own right.

After a few hours the service began.

The first part of the service was a celebration of light, of Jesus, the Light of the World.  After lighting a fire by the obelisk at the far end of the crowd, the Pope and the Cardinals lit their candles, and the fire was passed among the crowd, from candle to candle.  All of the bright lights on the square were turned off, and it was really amazing to watch from up above as each tiny light was lit, until the square was filled with light.  We lit our candles up above, as well, and I wonder  how they looked from below.   

It was just breathtaking.

To my dismay, for the rest of the service, bright flood lights were turned on to light the square, obscuring the stars in the sky and the candles on the ground.  The candles were put out for the second and fourth parts of the service, but even during the third, when they were re-lit, they could not outshine the flood lights, at least in brightness.  

I did happen to know that the Lyrid meteor shower was occuring this weekend (the peak being April 22nd, 11:00PM-2:AM).  Unfortunately, it was to the North, which was directly behind us, but at one point, when I lifted my arm to block out all of the artificial lights I could, a few stars peeked their way through the haze of the night, and I was rewarded with a shooting star directly above me.

Forget what I said before about a lighter; I'll take candlelight and shooting stars, any day.