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Recent Stuff: RSI has me desperately behind on updates. The picture of our Southwest Trip (a year ago!) have finally been updated.

  • Rantings from the Voice of Lucidity

  • Quotes, books, and poetry, my own as well as that of others

  • Classics partially updated. Latin quotes and poetry (and translation) by Horace, Catullus, and Vergil

  • Music not yet updated. As for music, I'm not sure I'll update this section for a while...the previous section was not worth leaving up for the three years it was there.

  • The old galleries are not yet restored, but there are new galleries of Cambridge, Canterbury, Durham/Jarrow, Oslo, Norway, Rievaulx Abbey, Ely, The British Museum, Oxford, Dover, Rome, Rouen, the Cambridge Botanic Garden, and Edinburgh. <NEW>.

  • Astronomy, Archaeology, Archaeo-Astronomy, which especially fascinates me

  • The cooking section (under construction) will have links to cooking and recipe sites, as well as recipes.

  • The obligatory bio, links to my poetry and pics

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