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Sean came to visit us from Oxford before he headed home for Christmas.  On December 20 we decided to visit the nearby town of Ely.  It's only a fifteen minute train ride from Cambridge and has a beautiful cathedral.  It was originally founded as a dual monastery (i.e. men and women) founded by St. Ethelreda, who was an Anglo-Saxon queen turned nun.  We were there for the "shopper's carol service" - complete with a brass choir and a large Christmas tree.  The service was very nice and we were glad that we made it there.  The town's other claim to fame is that it  was also home to Oliver Cromwell for about ten years.  As usual when the three of us travel, we started the day with cold rain, but we were happy to see some sunshine later in the day.


 Ely Cathedral

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The first three pictures are of the outside of the cathedral.  In the far right of the third picture, the large windows are the Lady Chapel.  The fourth picture is the chapel of St. Ethelreda.

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The cathedral is famous for it's lantern - in the fourth picture.

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The first picture is Sean, shaking his fist at Cromwell's house.  The next picture is Paul, trying to find the sun when it finally cam out.  The third is of Paul and Sean in front of the hill that we scaled behind the cathedral.  The fourth picture, though a bit dark, is Paul who, after complaining that "no one sacks anything anymore", decided to sack the playground.

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Ely is located on the river Cam.  It was once known as the Isle of Ely, because it is on a hill above the river and surrounding fen (swamp).  The cathedral has been called the "Ship of the Fen" because of it's prominence.  The last picture is of the cathedral from near the river.