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November 2006, can you believe it?!

It's been a long, long time since I've updated our Cambridge page. We're still in College accommodation but we've moved from Bene't House, where we lived for almost two years, to a College flat. We miss some things about Bene't House, but we don't share the flat with anyone else and we were tired of sharing. Check out the pictures below to see our new place.

Our new flat is very 60s style, complete with sliding doors and slanted roof. It also happens to above the laundry.... we could do with out that. As far as we can tell from looking at the flats, there used to be garages below each one and the laundry was an afterthought when they realised there were no facilities anywhere else in College. There are three flats together and all are on the second floor (first floor, in UK lingo).

These first pictures are of the outside of our building - not particularly attractive. Our flat is the one on the left in the first picture (the white porch sort of thing below it is the laundry).

The first picture is the College chapel and the view out of our window. Unfortunately our windows are kind of cloudy and the type that are hinged at the top, so we can't lean out to take a picture. As you can see, the flat is indeed slanted. One wall has bookshelves straight across, which is a very useful thing. We don't have a lot of sitting room (and no comfy chairs!), but we do have a small dining table, which I forgot to photograph fully. You can see it on the left of the second photo.

Our kitchen and bathroom are small, but we don't have to share. Our bathroom doesn't actually have a shower (just a bath), but Paul solved that with a trip to Homebase and a roll of duct tape.

Our flat has a loft. This would be cool if: a) we were under 5 feet tall or the loft were taller, or b) we were an 'I' (only one person). The flats were originally built for research fellows, so we expect that they would have had a bed in the loft and then lounging space where we have our bed. As it is, we use the loft for storage and may try to get more pillows/bean bag chair so one of us could sit and read up there. Now that it's getting cold, sitting up there is more of a possibility. In the summer it was too hot to sit in the flat, let alone in the loft.

We get to our flat from a long corridor at the top of the stairs (you can see them in the second picture on the page. Unfortunately, so do spiders. You are lucky that the photos were taken not long after Paul cleared off the webs in the corridor. Bleh.

5 November 2006